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What is sustainable fashion?

publicado por Mariana Rosales el
Sustainable Fashion

If we start from the concept of sustainability provided by the UN, sustainable fashion is clothing that is manufactured without compromising the resources of future generations, the environment and the work of all those who are present in the process. This term is heard more and more every day in the fashion industry, although years ago, it was almost impossible to think that a word that is considered as ephemeral as "fashion" could be accompanied by sustainability, since both would be considered opposites. That is where we can see the real achievement.

Sustainable fashion is conceived from a point of view of durability and real benefit to the entire production chain. This is strengthened by recognizing the textile industry as one of the planet's main polluting agents and recognizing that it's also one of the industries with greater abuses in terms of human capital. That is why the actions taken to achieve the goal of sustainability ensure that the next generations will already be educated in fashion under this new, sustainable model.

Sustainable fashion emerged as a response to the environmental and socio-economic impact that the industry has had on the planet. This awareness puts brands in a position to develop new technologies and sustainable processes, gradually moving away from fast fashion, which generates many profits but relies too heavily on an exploited labor force.

Mariana Rosales has risen to the occasion. We fully comply with the sustainable fashion model to deliver unique, versatile, and ecological garments to our customers. Our leggings are made from recycled PET bottles collected by low-income workers who are able to support their families thanks to their noble work in environmental sanitation.

Our fabrics are dyed with vegetable inks, our labels and packaging are made with biodegradable materials, and we ensure that every step and detail, from start to finish, honors our team's dedication to and love for the planet.

Brands with purpose are the future of the textile industry, because our society is becoming more conscious every day. Collectively we have begun to take action. Organizations and governments are constantly promoting their sustainability efforts, and only through this model  can we become responsible for what we produce, what we consume, and build a great legacy for generations to come.

I invite you to join the sustainable fashion movement because small actions can amount to big changes.

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