Go Green with Mariana Rosales Design

Go Green with Mariana Rosales Design


Mariana Rosales Duque is the creator of @marianarosalesdesign, a brand of eco-friendly sportswear made from 100% recycled materials.

Mariana is a dentist by profession, but she has always been interested in fashion. Her dream of starting a business in this field began around 10 years ago in Venezuela with a sewing workshop, making uniforms for a chain of restaurants. Four years later, she launched her brand, Mariana Rosales Design, MRD -- Materiales Reciclados Duraderos (Durable Recycled Materials) -- and three years ago, upon migrating to the United States, she began to expand into the local market through her digital store and on Amazon.

Mariana decided to migrate alone with her three children and make her entrepreneurial dream come true. Aware that the textile industry is the second most polluting, she created an eco-friendly brand: each piece is made with the equivalent of 7 plastic bottles. Her garments use eco-friendly fabrics and yarns, vegetable-based inks for printing, labels made from recycled sugarcane paper, and biodegradable packaging ♻️.

Furthermore, her brand has obtained quality certifications such as OEKO-TEX and Global Recycled Standard 4.0, the garments are hypoallergenic, and she also ensures fair wages for her workers, who are responsible for creating the pieces, produced in Colombia.

For Mariana, fear is fuel for growth. Facing it and stepping out of the comfort zone is essential, and her advice to all entrepreneurs is to believe in their dreams and enjoy the journey.

The fundamental difference of @marianarosalesdesign is its ecological focus, and supporting it is also an invitation to support the planet 🌎 and initiatives committed to preserving the environment. If you didn't know about it, be sure to follow this 100% eco-friendly brand created by a Venezuelan woman @marianarosalesdesign.

Join Mariana Rosales Design in its mission for sustainable fashion and contribute to a cleaner and more conscious world.

Photography: @lesliegabaldon

This article was originally published by Venmprendedoras.

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