Mariana Rosales Discusses Eco-Friendly Fashion on 'Los Hispanos Unidos' Podcast.

Mariana Rosales Discusses Eco-Friendly Fashion on 'Los Hispanos Unidos' Podcast.

Mariana Rosales, the visionary Venezuelan entrepreneur behind "Mariana Rosales Design," was recently interviewed on the popular podcast "Los Hispanos Unidos." In this enriching conversation, Mariana shared the origins of her brand, which was born in Venezuela five years ago with a strong emphasis on eco-friendly clothing. Although primarily designed for exercise, her garments possess a versatility that allows them to be worn in more casual settings as well.

However, what truly sets Mariana's brand apart is her profound commitment to ethics and sustainability. It's not merely an eco-friendly label; the garments are made from recycled bottles sourced from underprivileged women, and the factory where the fabric is produced stands as a beacon of sustainability, equipped with solar panels, water recycling systems, and schools for the children of its workers.

During the podcast, Mariana also highlighted the environmental impact of the textile industry, one of the most polluting in the world, and expressed her determination to counteract this with her sustainable approach. Despite her background in dentistry, she always held a genuine interest in design and aesthetics, which led her to pursue her dream of launching her own clothing brand.

Mariana also shared valuable insights about the entrepreneurial journey, acknowledging that while it's filled with challenges, it's essential to enjoy the process, have patience, determination, and a solid team backing you up. Furthermore, she emphasized the importance of mental peace and the need to distance oneself from conflicts in order to maintain clarity and focus in both life and business.

Concluding the interview, Mariana underscored mental peace, suggesting that staying away from conflicts helps maintain clarity in both personal life and business. She also invited everyone to explore her website and follow her social media channels to stay updated on her innovative designs and sustainable commitments. It's evident that Mariana Rosales is not just a designer, but a visionary dedicated to making a difference in the world through her brand.

This interview was originally published by Los Hispanos Unidos.

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