Fashion with Heart: Mariana Rosales and the Sustainable Style Revolution

Fashion with Heart: Mariana Rosales and the Sustainable Style Revolution

In this interview, the "El poder de los tacones" program explores the theme of sustainability in fashion and responsible consumption. The host and her guests discuss the importance of considering not only the quality and style of the products we buy but also the environmental and social impact of brands. The evolution in awareness of sustainability over time is highlighted, as well as the role of newer generations in driving change.

Mariana Rosales is introduced as a Venezuelan entrepreneur and sustainable fashion designer. Mariana shares her story of how she started her brand with a focus on sustainability and social responsibility. Her company manufactures garments using recycled materials and emphasizes ethical aspects, such as employing women in production. It is also mentioned that Mariana is making donations to the "El poder de los tacones" foundation.

The hosts reflect on the perception that sustainable products are more expensive and discuss the importance of considering the overall purpose of the brand, including its social and economic impact. Examples of other brands that have adopted sustainable practices are mentioned.

The segment highlights the relevance of knowing the story behind brands and how they contribute to sustainable development. Emphasis is placed on consumer responsibility in choosing brands and products that reflect their values. Additionally, the audience is invited to contribute to the "El poder de los tacones" foundation, and details on how to find Mariana Rosales' brand are provided. The interview concludes with a call for reflection on conscious consumption and the importance of buying with purpose.

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Join us in exploring the intersection of fashion and sustainability with Mariana Rosales on "El poder de los tacones." Let's make informed choices for a more conscious and impactful future.

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