The Inspiring Journey of Mariana Rosales: From Dentist to Green Entrepreneur

The Inspiring Journey of Mariana Rosales: From Dentist to Green Entrepreneur

Meet Mariana Rosales Duque, the visionary CEO behind the #1 US eco-fashion firm, Maríana Rosales Design. With a resilient and courageous spirit, this Venezuelan entrepreneur has been a driving force in the eco-fashion industry for over six years.

In addition to her role as a mother of three, Mariana is a dentist and a systemic therapist, showcasing her impressive multitasking abilities. However, her primary focus lies in the transformative power of love and its profound impact on our lives.

A Mission Born from Awareness

Mariana Rosales Design was born from Mariana's stark realization of the global plastic problem. Understanding that the textile industry ranks as the second most polluting sector after the oil industry, she decided to take action.

Her journey began a decade ago with a humble sewing workshop in her own backyard. Starting by crafting uniforms for a restaurant chain, Mariana honed her skills in cutting, sewing, and pattern-making. Immersed in the world of clothing, she learned invaluable lessons that culminated in the founding of Mariana Rosales Design, also known as MRD or Materiales Reciclados Duraderos.

Sustainable Masterpieces

Every garment from Mariana Rosales Design is a testament to sustainability. Constructed from the equivalent of seven recycled plastic bottles, these pieces utilize eco-friendly fabrics, threads, and water-based vegetable inks for their prints. With certifications like OEKO-TEX and Global Recycled Standard 4.0, these garments are not only environmentally friendly but also hypoallergenic and safe for consumers.

Even the labels and packaging are eco-conscious, made from recycled sugar cane paper and biodegradable materials, respectively. Mariana prioritizes her workers' well-being, ensuring they enjoy decent conditions, fair salaries, and job stability, recognizing that a contented worker is key to delivering the best value to clients.

A Mindset of Empowerment

Mariana attributes much of her success to her mindset. For her, a positive attitude and self-belief are the cornerstones of clarity on the path to success. She firmly believes that thoughts dictate emotions, emotions dictate behavior, and behavior dictates results.

"The important thing is to never stop believing in yourself!" Mariana asserts.

Embracing Fear as a Catalyst

Fear, for Mariana, is a fuel for personal growth. It's the adrenaline rush needed to surmount challenges and obstacles in life. Confronting fear with courage, she attests, always leads to rich rewards.

"Without fear, there is no success. When something scares you, you must do it because no matter what happens, you can always say I dared, and I feel that the universe always rewards brave people like ME!" Mariana emphatically expresses.

Success: A Journey of Fulfillment

Success, to Mariana, is about feeling fulfilled in all aspects of life. It means living with love, fulfillment, and gratitude for every life experience and challenge. It's a continuous journey of personal growth and improvement.

Pioneering Sustainability

What sets Mariana Rosales Design apart is their unwavering commitment to sustainability. For Mariana, sustainability isn't just a goal; it's a transformative journey.

This 100% eco-friendly firm ensures every garment they produce directly contributes to environmental preservation. Their production process is handcrafted and primarily led by women, a testament to their dedication to equity and empowerment.

Future Aspirations

Looking ahead, Mariana has exciting plans. She envisions writing a book and further establishing her brand in the U.S. market. Her dream includes having a physical store on New York’s iconic Fifth Avenue.

Join Mariana Rosales Design in its sustainable fashion mission and contribute to a cleaner and more conscious world! They've taken the first step towards caring for the environment, bodies, and hearts of future generations. Now, it's your turn. Explore their environmentally friendly clothing and be a part of the fashion revolution: Buy with a purpose today! 

This article was originally published by  The USA Reporter, The New York Finance, The Chicago Weekly News, Fox 28, Fox 40, Fox 43, Atlanta News Daily, Miami News Network, The Washington Finance, The Las Vegas Weekly.

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