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Bulk shopping, a form of sustainability

Posted by Mariana Rosales on
Bulk Shopping

Bulk shopping isn’t just a convenient, easy way to grocery shop. It’s also a highly sustainable practice that helps reduce waste. Shopping in bulk enables customers to use reusable bags for items like grains, coffee, pasta, fruits and vegetables, nuts, and other snacks. This way, you aren’t taking home the plastic containers used to store those products—containers that would otherwise get thrown away once you’ve finished whatever was in them.

This was my way of shopping for a long time, until I decided to commit to a sustainable lifestyle. I started thinking about ways to make small changes add up, and that's where bulk shopping came into my life to stay.

How did I find places to buy in bulk?

Google and social media outlets like Facebook are great places to start. Joining Facebook groups helped me locate picturesque markets in my own community, where I could buy nature’s harvests with my own two hands. Several smaller businesses guaranteed freshness and flavor in their seasonal crops and products, and I was surprised by entrepreneurs selling their handmade offerings. It turned my shopping experience into an artisanal adventure.

Now I buy spices, grains and everything I can in the spice markets, where I can take my own glass containers to bring home those flavors that will give my meals a special touch.

Bulk shopping has many advantages from every point of view, and I’m excited to share them and encourage you to try it out for yourself. Here are a few steps to keep in mind before you start:

Avoid plastic packaging: A large percentage of the plastic that's produced globally is destined to become some type of storage container. Bulk shopping allows consumers to bring their own cloth bags and glass containers, which means a reduction in the use of plastic packaging.

Goodbye to food waste: When I buy in bulk, I only take what I need. I'm not tied to buying extra, so I guarantee consumption of every single thing I take.

I discover new foods every time: It gives me the opportunity to have a more varied diet, since I have access to seasonal foods and new species for different recipes.

I save money: I noticed a decrease in my expenses because I no longer buy packaged brands. I take only what I need, which ultimately benefits my budget.

I contribute to the economic wellbeing of my community: By shopping at these local community markets, II'm supporting small businesses and farmers, which are the backbone of our economy.

On the road to sustainability, there can only be advantages for everyone. Remember that small changes can make a big difference, so start today!

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