Dentist, entrepreneur, and mother of three, founder Mariana Rosales is passionate about our planet and funnels her creativity into her passion—proving there can be balance between fashion and sustainability.

Sustainable Fashion

Founded in Venezuela in 2018, we’re an eco-friendly, sustainable brand with a clear goal: to guarantee a quality product that cuts down on waste and makes you look and feel your best. Since day one, we’ve dedicated our efforts into proving that we’re more than a fashion brand—we’re dedicated to bettering our environment and leaving our planet better than we found it for generations to come.

That’s why our mission is to create a product that lives at the intersection of creativity, fashion-forward design, and technology. We believe in innovation with a purpose and meeting our customers’ needs in a sustainable way.

Each pair of leggings is created using seven PET bottles during a 30-day process where the recycled plastic is converted into high-quality textile fiber. Those fibers are then sublimated in natural, vegetable-based dyes, resulting in a high-quality product that proves eco-friendly fashion can be elegant, versatile, and fun.

We’re committed to spreading a message of gratitude—for the people who collect the plastic that goes into our products; for the technology that turns that plastic into textiles; for our team’s commitment to eco-friendly fashion; and for our customers, who are just as passionate about sustainability as we are.

Our drive comes from each and every person who believes in our mission and supports our business. It comes from knowing we’re doing our part to protect our planet, and that we’re creating a product that makes the wearer feel their most confident. That’s why we do what we do—for you, and for our Earth.